eWS 005: Military Man to Online Solopreneur with Matt Martinez

April 28, 2016

Welcome to the first eWorkSuccess Grassroots Episode! 

The grassroots episodes are about how everyday people are following their passion, taking action and building their niche business. You will get to hear first-hand how my guests get started and why they decided to dive into a particular business niche. We included a little patch of grass on the artwork for each Grassroots Episode so look for that when you visit eWorkSuccess.com. Let's get started!

I'm super excited to have Matt Martinez join me on the show! First, I want to shout out a big "Thank You" to Matt. He served 12 years in the military and still serves as a reservist in the Air Force. I believe in recognizing our men and women in uniform and I encourage everyone to do the same. Matt is currently a solopreneur that spends his time developing online courses for various niches. He developed the first Network Marketing MBA, a business course for the network marketing and direct selling industry. He has a second course in development, How To Create a Course in 30 Days! where he shows you how to turn your knowledge and passion into an online, profitable course that sells! 

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