eWS 007: Pat Bergeson’s Journey as a Musician and Entrepreneur

May 12, 2016

Welcome back! Pat Bergeson joins eWorkSuccess from Nashville for a session about his personal journey as a musician and entrepreneur. Do what you love and the money will come!

Hey everyone, welcome back to the eWorkSuccess show! Many of you know how difficult it can be to make a living as a musician and my guest on this episode is no different. I invited my long time friend Pat Bergeson to join me on the show. Pat shares his journey from almost giving up on his music career to landing a Nashville TV gig with Chet Atkins. I admire Pat for never giving up on his dream of becoming a professional musician and entrepreneur. He's always had a "do what you love and the money will come" mindset. He's an awesome musician and entrepreneur that really worked hard to become a staple in Nashville.

Pat is a guitarist and harmonica player, that covers jazz, blues, rock and finger style. He has been in the studio with Lyle Lovett, Alison Krauss, Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton, Peter Frampton, Michael McDonald,Tommy Emmanuel, Toby Keith, Wynonna Judd and the list goes on. He has been a teacher and producer, played on many Grammy Award-winning records, and has appeared on many movie soundtracks. I'm honored to have him join me on the show.

InThis Episode

  • Pat shares how he started as a drummer and crossed over to playing the guitar.

  • We chat about his early days as a musician and some of the classic records that had an influence on him.

  • Pat talks about his first guitar purchase and how he passed up the opportunity to buy a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top worth over $20,000 today.

  • I ask Pat about his touring years with Chet Atkins and he shares a funny story.

  • Pat shares his personal journey from almost giving up his music career in New York to landing a TV music gig in Nashville.

  • Learn about Pat's preparation for music sessions, live shows and how he stays fresh.

  • Pat shares tips for up and coming musicians and what not to do if you make a mistake on stage.

  • We chat about Pat's #1 tip and his advice for all musicians.

  • Learn how Pat makes money as a musician, teacher and entrepreneur.

  • Don't miss the audio clips of Pat playing the guitar and harmonica at the end of this podcast! He is joined by guitar wizards Richard Smith and Guthrie Trapp. These guys are all fantastic! 

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