eWS 006: Millennial Product Idea to 412K on Kickstarter with Marc Rosenberg

May 5, 2016

Welcome to our second eWS GrassRoots episode! Marc Rosenberg  joins eWorkSuccess for a candid conversation about his crowdfunding experience and product challenges. Marc shares his inside perspective, thoughts about new product ideas and what inventors should not do!

I was browsing the Kickstarter website and I stumbled on The Edge Desk and thought it looked like a great product. I reached out to Marc Rosenberg and here we are! He's from Chicago and has led marketing for some of the most notable consumer products made. He’s best known for having launched the toy Furby in 1998 with Tiger Electronics. I had no idea 41 million toy Furby's sold in a year and a half and they are still selling today! Marc went on to head marketing for Hasbro and for the past decade has focused on inventing and marketing products for Millennials and others. His newest product, The Edge Desk is an acknowledgement that we’ve changed how we live and work globally. The days of being chained to a giant uncomfortable desk are a thing of the past and he’s ready to shake things up and help everyone, you guessed it, live on the edge! This is a great opportunity to learn from a product marketing expert.

The Edge Desk team includes Marc Rosenberg, Steve and Jeff Rehkemper and Jeff Jones. Rehkemper ID is one of the most respected inventing and development groups in the nation. With more than 100 patents to their credit, the brothers have invented numerous acclaimed health, electronics and toy items. Jeff Jones led product development for products like the original Furby at Tiger. Jeff has brought hundreds of best selling toys to kids worldwide!

In This Episode

  • Marc shares how the idea for a desk alternative evolved and what sparked the invention.

  • Learn about a breakthrough moment in one of those goofy massage chairs.

  • We talk about the importance of identifying your product audience or users before investing time and money in your ideas.

  • Learn about Marc's reasons for keeping The Edge Desk private without help from outside investors.

  • Marc shares his inside experience with prototypes and product challenges.

  • Learn about Jeff Rehkemper's aha moment with Marc and how he accidentally improved The Edge Desk functionality.

  • Marc shares his insight about United States patents, the process and what to expect.
  • Marc shares some product developer value bombs, tips and what inventors should not do! 

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