eWS 004: Corporate Grind to Best-Selling Author with Joanna Penn

April 21, 2016

Are you ready to rock your success? Joanna Penn joins eWorkSuccess for a chat from the UK. She shares her journey from corporate grind to best-selling author.

Joanna is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling thriller author, and non-fiction author. She helps indie authors go from full-time job to full-time entrepreneur. Voted as one of The Guardian UK Top 100 creative professionals and founder of The Creative Penn podcast and blog. Joanna shares her journey from crying at her job to a freedom lifestyle. We had a good chat and she shares some great tips for indie authors!

In This Episode

  • Learn about her struggles and how she finally achieved her dream of having a freedom lifestyle.

  • We talk about the importance of joining a group of like-minded authors or entrepreneurs for support after making the leap from your job.

  • Joanna shares her insight about fiction and non-fiction author websites, social media and why these are important considerations.

  • We discuss the importance of exercise and good health for authors.

  • How the economy influenced Joanna's marketing decisions and her worldwide approach to book sales.

  • Learn how Joanna helps indie authors go from full-time job to full-time entrepreneur with The Creative Penn platform. She shares tips, tools and resources that are great for authors.

  • Learn about Joanna's Author 2.0 Blueprint and how this free ebook helps indie authors.

  • Joanna shares her thoughts about the ACX audio narration service compared to recording her own voice for audio books.

  • Find out where Joanna gets her inspiration after writing 18 books!

  • Joanna shares a student success story and how her online courses can help indie authors.

  • I make a prediction about Joanna's work and she hints about a screenplay! 

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