eWS 002: 40k in 90 days with Scott Voelker | Amazon FBA

April 7, 2016

Welcome back to the eWorkSuccess podcast! I'm super excited to have Scott Voelker join me on the show.

Scott is the founder and host of The Amazing Seller podcast, a TOP Ranked Business show where he helps regular, everyday people start selling products that MAKE MONEY on Amazon.com. Scott started his own Amazon business and generated over $300k in his first 12 months. He has now taught and inspired thousands of new Entrepreneurs, through his “Take Action” approach!

In This Episode

I did a question and answer style interview with Scott. He rocked the interview with tons of information and tips for our listeners. I've been listening to his podcasts for a couple of months. He is crushing it with Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) private label products and his workshops are excellent!

Scott answers my "Am I on the right track with this product?" question, shares some of his best strategies and the 5 step process every seller should know before offering private label products. We get into the How To, Why and Expectations when starting an Amazon FBA business.

Questions I Asked In This Episode

Q1. What is FBA?

Q2. How did you go from $0 to $40,000 in 90 days?

Q3. Can anyone do this or do you need to be an Amazon guru?

Q4. Why are Private Label products the best way to go?

Q5. I ask Scott for feedback about one of my product ideas. He gives me his expert feedback and guidance.

Q6. How do you find products to sell? Do you use any software tools to help?

Q7. How do you promote your products so they stand out from the masses?

Q8. What do you consider a good flow of sales and profits each day?

Q9. Can you share the basic steps a new seller goes through when they launch their first product?

Q10. How long does it take to start making money?

Q11. What are two or three of the most important tips you can share with our listeners to increase product sales?

Q12. What do you cover in your free workshop?

Q13. Can you share a success story from one of your students that started with say $500 of inventory? 

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